Sunday, June 27, 2010

Spain, Day 1+

May 22 - 23: Canada to Madrid

What constitutes a day when you are travelling across multiple time zones? I left home at 10:30 am local time and I arrived in Madrid at 4:15 pm the next day and I had barely an hour's sleep in between. That's not nearly enough to effect punctuation between 2 days. My flights were uneventful, with minor delays and resultant stresses that no longer blip the radar, not really. Lois and Lj were at the hotel when I arrived and we all went for a glass of beer to celebrate. How remarkable, really, to be together so easily when you consider how far apart were our starting points! Lois and I live 600+ km apart in BC and Lj lives several thousand km away, just outside of Washington DC. The camarero brought a dish of olives and a bowl of potato chips and we sat in the warm and dry of Madrid toasting each other, toasting the beginning. Later, we went for a walk and still later we returned to the sidewalk cafe for something to eat. Somehow we got talking to the couple at the next table who understood enough English to help us place an order. We were able to get some pizza (the only thing available for some reason) and a bottle of wine. As it turns out, our table neighbour has walked the Camino more than ten times! He wished us all a 'buen camino' and surely with such a blessing there is no better way to start.

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