Monday, June 9, 2014

Colombia Cartagena: Day 4

Today was a very solid day of work. Those of us in our College of the Rockies team started at 7 am with a breakfast meeting in the hotel cafe. By 8 am we were all in the Old City filing into the SENA building, filling little paper cups with coffee & scrambling to find outlets to charge our laptops, like a business meeting most anywhere in the world.

There's really not much else to say. We worked until 12:30, took a break for lunch, then worked until almost 5 pm. Fortunately it was a successful day, with a great deal of time on task & a sense of real progress made. If you have ever been involved in a massive challenging project with an (over?) abundance of intelligent, passionate people you will appreciate the nuances.

To celebrate, we all went to drink beer together in a patio cafe near la Torre del Reloj (Clock Tower) at the edge of the Old City. We toasted & took endless photos of each other with cameras & cell phones while the afternoon slipped away into night.

It is intensely satisfying to be moving forward on this! But it is already 10 pm & I still have some prep work to do before tomorrow so this will be a short blog post. Hasta manana!

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