Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ecuador, Day 1

I suppose it's not really fair to call this 'day 1' when at this point I've been in Ecuador barely an hour. And technically it's already tomorrow. After 30-something hours of travel I am once again much too tired to write anything coherent so this will be another short post. Highlights of the day? We changed planes in Bogota so now I can (lamely) add Colombia to the list of countries I've visited. The other big highlight was landing in Guayaquil & seeing how upbeat it all looks compared to when I was here in 2002. We are planning a late & gentle start to the day tomorrow, not commiting to heading for work at the university until later in the morning.

Who knows, maybe I will have something more coherent or at least authentic to write about tomorrow! Oops, I mean 'later today'.

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