Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ecuador, Day 6

This was a transition day of no special merit. We left Manglaralto & took the 3-hour bus trip back to Guayaquil. We connected with Pat, brought her up to date on the project, & worked for a while in the afternoon on our presentation for Tuesday.

Late in the afternoon I went to the cathedral. The cathedral, which is right across from the famous iguana park, has been completely renovated in the past couple of years as some sort of urban renewal project. They have done a marvellous job. The space inside is magical; marble floors, beautiful paintings, stained glass windows, intensely high ceilings. Every little sound echoed & the music sent chills up my spine (although it was difficult to hear -- never mind understand! -- a word that was said).

Later still, we all went for supper along the Malecon where we ate seafood on an outdoor balcony. There was just enough of a breeze to keep the mosquitoes from biting & to make the heat bearable. We watched lightning flash noiselessly to the south & scared each other with stories about tsunamis, earthquakes, tremors, & flash-flooding during El NiƱo.

Back to the university tomorrow.

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