Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Norway, Day 1

June 21

It seems unnatural to be going to bed when it's still mostly broad daylight. But that's really what I must do. After all, it's 10:30 pm & I have been awake for 32 hours straight. The answer to my last question of yesterday is 5:30 pm: that's when I finally stumbled off the train in Tønsberg to see Rhia running towards the platform.

So what's Norway like, so far? I wish I could tell you more. Since touching down at Oslo's airport around 2:30 this afternoon, I've mostly been too stunned to notice much. There was a lot of hanging around the airport, waiting for the train and not surprisingly Gardermœn airport looks pretty much like any other airport. Once getting on the train I was able to get a bit of a view of the countryside around Oslo... for the most part, it appears beautiful with rolling hills, forests, & a lot of land under cultivation. It's a bit reminiscent of Nova Scotia only much more domesticated & brought into order.

It was wonderful to see Rhia again, looking well, speaking good Norwegian (!) and keen to show off all the summer plumage of this place. Tomorrow we three (Rhia, Eivind, me) will plan a strategy for spending our time together & making the most of the visit.

And what a treat -- to be at such a significantly northern latitude on the longest day of the year! -- not only that but under relatively clear skies too.

That's it; time to sleep.

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